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Good point, it is definitely not meant to be a catchall. more
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Awesome recap! I hope people don’t take it as a catchall and decide not... more

I recently went through my pictures and realized I forgot to add some albums of a few destinations I visited in the past 6 months. I think I have everything up now. The newly added albums are: Cambodia India Bangkok …

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Actually, it was super hot, like 100 degrees, so I was hoping the wind coming... more
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I like the windmill one and the balcony one the best. It looks like you are... more

Seattle! This city is awesome! I love it here. It is freakin cold though, especially compared to some of my recent destinations. But the air is pure and the scenery is beautiful, so there is absolutely zero room to complain. …

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Thanks for checking out my site. The true backpacking experience is an... more
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Just heard about you from Looking for Pemberley and looking forward to know... more

I spent a little time in Dubai recently. What an impressive city; everything is so large and fancy (and possibly full of UFOs).   Check out the pics by clicking here.

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Hi Judy, I wish I could hop in a time machine and go experience travel in those... more
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Hi Justin: I have enjoyed your travel logs as well. I traveled Europe when I... more

2 Different Worlds in 2 Days Within 1 City

Day 1 I took a tour of the slums in Mumbai, India. As you can imagine, it was a real eye opener. There were many times when what I was viewing was extremely disheartening. There were other times however when …



India is a crazy chaotic place, and every one of my senses are easily overwhelmed here. Despite all of this, I am enjoying my time in India for the most part.   The people here are very kind and pleasant. …


Bollywood Stars in the Making

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Train Travel in India

Pure Madness Today I took a local train down into Central Mumbai. What an adventure that was. Now that I have successfully taken a train to and from Mumbai, I feel like I can easily and with confidence take any …


Landed in Mumbai, Can You Say

Culture Shock? I tried to prep my mind the last couple weeks for India. I knew it was going to be intense and overwhelming. Well, guess what, it is. I just walked up to the street to grab some food, …


Mum-Bye Bangkok

I am leaving Bangkok early in the morning. I’ve spent almost two months in Southeast Asia, and it’s been amazing, but I’m ready to move on. I will miss the cheap plethora of street food, including the delicious $1 noodle …